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For over a century, AC Delco has supplied quality auto parts which meet or exceed original OEM specifications, or in many cases are the original parts installed on a vehicle. From the company’s contribution to the war effort during World War II, to the moon landing, to high performance motor car racing, to the parts that power your vehicle every day, AC Delco is an American company gone global that has produced innovative and reliable technology for decades. Few auto parts manufacturers have the pedigree and reputation that AC Delco has achieved – as a successful company with successful products, from alternators and batteries to spark plugs and computers, you know you’re getting quality when you use AC Delco. At Matt’s Auto Repairs in Bethany, we know the importance of quality parts, which is why we carry and install a wide range of AC Delco parts. Whatever your car, truck, or SUV needs, whether it’s an oil filter or an ECU, count on our expert mechanics at Matt’s Auto Repairs to keep your vehicle reliable and road ready.

Why do we Use ACDelco Parts? ACDelco has been earning the trust of automotive customers and professionals for over 100 years and Matt’s Auto Repairs at 7824 NW 39th Expy in Bethany, Oklahoma provides the right part for the job. We offer ACDelco parts & solutions!


Over the last 100 years, ACDelco has taken you to the moon and across the Atlantic, from sea to shining sea and just around the corner. As a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services, our focus has always been on building a reputation as the number-one source for quality auto parts. And it all began in 1916 with William Durant and his United Motors Service automotive parts company, known today as ACDelco.

Durant cofounded General Motors in 1908 and was a pioneer of the U.S. automobile industry. His reputation brought an unparalleled level of trust to the automotive ownership experience, and customers responded with enthusiastic brand loyalty. We’ve continued to earn that loyalty, year after year, through our dedication to industry updates and technological advances, our heritage as a true General Motors Original Equipment brand, and our tireless commitment to uphold Durant’s legacy of excellence.

Over the next 100 years and well beyond, you’ll find us continuing to set the bar, refining the quality of our parts and working side-by-side with GM engineers. Because while we couldn’t be prouder of where we’ve been, it’s just the beginning of where we’re going.

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